1. geekandsundry:



    Dice Shaming

    This is a good argument for not using virtual dice.

    (Which have been screwing me something awful of late…).

    We love Dice Shaming!

  2. We gonna fuckin’ die.


  3. "Can I have a luck roll?"
    — players asking the Dungeon Master for pity

  4. 48 minutes later and the party has finally figured out how to open a door without dying horribly

  5. Party Initiative is back! We resume with the party barricaded in a dangerous room! What awaits the party tonight?


  6. New Location!

    Hello again, everyone. Mod here.  As you know, the old partyinitiative (now known as ‘nomoreinitiative’) is under new management.  This is where you’ll find us now for D&D and probably other geeky things also.  We’re still building the page, so bear with us!